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  • Mecho Wars HD has been released on the Google PLAY (Android) Store. It contains over 40 minutes of original music by me!

    Principal composition and production took place from September to December of 2011, so it is actually not one of my newer scores, although it is still one of my favorites!

  • AMP (Sci-Fi Short Film by Adam Marisett) (by Gabriel Napora)

    Co-Composed the score to this with Pontus Rufelt!

  • Well I am trying to lose weight and so far I am down about 10 lbs, maybe more. I rarely step on the scale as it isn’t about weight loss.

    Just trying to improve my lifestyle as much as I can for my family! Bacon is good.

  • Just sharing my reel of piano music again! Someone out there has been listening to it non-stop it seems. Whoever you are, thank you!

    I love to write music like this as it puts me in a very relaxed state. I am so lucky to have people that enjoy this music and enable me to continue to create it.

  • This game is awesome. What more can I say? I have sunk about 20 hours into it and I think I am only about 14/th the way through it.

    It will keep my busy for a few months I think!

  • Cool to say that a short I scored won a Telly Award! It was a blast scoring it as I rarely get to do such quirky light and dark music.

    The music is somewhat dark, but also mysterious and light at times, never getting too serious!

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